Upcoming Concert: Blown Opportunity

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When: Thu & Fri Jan 22 & 23, 2015 @ 7:30 PM

Where: Studio 2@Zoomtopia, 810 SE Belmont

What: Brahms first combined horn, violin and piano in an emotional homage to his mother.Third Angle New Music offers that seminal work alongside the avant-garde horn trio of György Ligeti and a new horn trio commissioned by Third Angle New Music from Thai composer Narong Prangcharoen.

Generously funded by Dave & Julie Machado



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From the Artistic Director

Afield… Listen

Listen….can you hear it? The sounds in your room, in your car, on neighborhood walks, these sounds create a constant soundscape that accompanies your life.

Composer and soundscape artist R. Murray Schafer explains it very well…

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The Alchemist by John Zorn

DrJohnDeeDr. John Dee
Last year, I had the honor of meeting with John Zorn. While we’d had some contact over the years about other projects, this was my first chance to meet the legendary composer face to face. I’ve been a huge fan of his music… Learn More »

2014 / 15 Season

Studio Series
Blown Opportunity: Thurs & Fri Jan 22 & 23, 2015
Mozart, Revisited: Thurs & Fri Feb 12 & 13, 2015
Silver Threads: Thurs & Fri Apr 16 & 17, 2015
Alchemy: Thurs & Fri Oct 16 & 17, 2014
Afield: Thurs & Fri Nov 6 & 7, 2014
All @ 7:30 pm

Made in Italy
Saturday March 7, 2015
7:30 pm

Hearing Voices
Friday May 1, 2015
7:30 pm

Friday Sept 12, 2014
7:30 pm