Why we love Michael…..

“I started taking piano lessons in Nicaragua. I know my parents used to take me to this teacher and it was classic. I used to call her “la bruja” which means “the witch.” She would slap my hands with the ruler and I would be terrified to go to my piano lesson. It’s exactly the opposite of the piano lessons you want to give your child. But I really loved music and when we moved to Miami and I continued with my piano lessons, I figured… Learn More » »

Why we love Julia….

Julia Wolfe’s music lives on the extremes….with enough energy to power a major city. I love the edginess, the challenge to the instrumentalist to push beyond comfort zones to achieve ecstatic moments. The three pieces by Julia on our concerts this week could not be more different in instrumentation (bagpiper, violin/piano duo, 8 string basses), but all share an ecstatic quality, that surge of energy that thrills. It’s not music for the… Learn More » »

When Michael meets Julia

Three friends get together in a NYC coffee shop and make a list of everything they hate about concerts. An audacious plan is hatched…strip away formalities and conventions via a marathon concert of new music, a showcase for new ideas and brilliant performers….thus was Bang-on-a-Can born. The story of how co-founders Michael Gordon, Julia Wolfe, and David Lang took matters into their own hands and set the new music world afire is… Learn More » »