After the jet lag

Elephant painting
(By Wanpen, elephant painter from Chiangmai)

It’s been a week since our return from Thailand, and finally the jet lag has subsided. Our bodies are curious things…even a week of gorgeous weather isn’t enough to reorient the sleep clock. Though it’s been nice to get a lot done before 4am, the 1pm wipeout won’t be missed.

The Thailand International Composition Festival 2011 was a blast, a gathering of new music nuts, composers,… Learn More » »

Goodbye Phuket

Resort destination for vacationers worldwide. We’ve seen tourists from everywhere…India, Europe, Japan, China….you name it, they’re here. Even in the middle of the ‘low’ season (constant rains…imagine that), it’s a fabulous place to decompress. Gorgeous beaches, the warm Andaman sea, it’s paradise. Even the skeeziness of Bangla street in Patong can’t sully the magic of Phuket.

The weather cleared enough for us to catch a tour to Ko… Learn More » »

Goodbye Chiangmai…

Chaingmai priest
We wrapped up a frantic, fantastic week at the Thailand International Composition Festival yesterday (Friday). The week was a blur of constant rehearsals, last minute attempts to pull very difficult pieces together with new friends and crazy deadlines. It was much more than just the single performance Third Angle gave on Wednesday, which actually now seems like the easiest thing I did all week! It’s hard to imagine Ligeti as respite,… Learn More » »

Last day…

It’s been non-stop…hours of rehearsals each day for the additional pieces I agreed to play, including two string quartets, and two new works by Chinese composers Li Shaosheng and Ye Xiaogang. It all comes to a close this afternoon with the final chamber music performance. Then, hello two hour Thai massage!!!!!!!

It’s been wonderful getting to know (and performing with) great players from the Quadrivium and New Ear Ensembles…everyone… Learn More » »

Nailed it…

Brief post, due to imminent beer consumption…concert was big success. We chose to do the pieces in reverse chronological order (Prangcharoen/Ligeti/Brahms), with a direct segue between the Ligeti and Brahms (a la Carlos Kalmar in Carnegie). I think it was quite effective!

Bravo to my colleagues, Susan and Joe, for being so brave in taking on this unbelievable program. We look forward to playing for our friends in PDX at the next… Learn More » »

Extended techniques/Collaborations

Just participated in a wonderful panel discussion about the seriously wacked techniques that composers often ask performers to employ in the performance of their music. The panel included flutist Luisa Sello, members of the Quadrivium Ensemble, EAR Music, and my colleague Joe Berger.
- tuning systems: Joe and I talked a bit about Ligeti’s use of the french horn’s alternate tuning capabilities, also much discussion about the… Learn More » »

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