Reich-analia III

Two days before Reich-analia redux! So late on posting for this concert, but better late than never!

We love Steve Reich, obviously. Bringing him here was one of the first things I did as Artistic Director, 12 years ago, a visit that was captured by the brilliant Tom D’Antoni in this ArtBeat piece:

This time, we feature two works that are new to us….guitar master Dan Balmer will start the show with Electric… Learn More » »


It’s been amazing to see my fantastically gifted colleagues assemble Drumming, Steve Reich’s masterpiece of phasing and righteous grooving. What a pleasure to be in the room with such great timekeepers!

Drumming is a fantasy of shifting grooves, chaos that slides into unexpected and thrilling patterns, marimbas, bells, bongos, singers, piccolo, whistling….all in service of the joy of rhythm.

“I am often asked what influence my visit… Learn More » »

Reviews for Max/Min are in

Northwest Reverb - James Bash: “...performance was simply fantastic”
Oregonian - Barry Johnson: “...deft performance”
Oregonian - David Stabler: “From Migrane to Trance”

So, everyone pretty much is in agreement regarding our performance of Reich’s Music for 18 Musicians. Very mixed reviews of the other two works on the program: Piece in the Shape of a Square by Philip Glass (“Sounds like flies trapped in a glass jar”), and The New Math(s)… Learn More » »

Max/Min, part 8 - Music for 18, gamelan music

Reich uses the Balinese gamelan as the inspiration for Music for 18….

Steve was one of the original performers at the premiere of In C, by Terry Riley. The steady pulse (included at Steve’s suggestion), the extended mono-tonality (“C”), and the gradual process of watching the piece unfold, each function as critical cornerstones for Steve’s later work:

It all comes together in Music for 18:

And here’s a very cool extra video, for the true… Learn More » »

Max/Min, part 7 - Daniel variations

This is the final chapter of the SouthBank documentary on Steve and his work. I love how the audience breaks into a bit of Clapping Music at the end….

Max/Min, part 6 - Different Trains - the story behind the masterpiece

Different Trains is the most autobiographical of Steve’s works….as I’ve written before, getting the opportunity to introduce Portlander Cella Kryzcek (one of the voices on the soundtrack, whom he’d never met before) to Steve at our performance was a memorable moment for me…

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