Why we love Michael…..

“I started taking piano lessons in Nicaragua. I know my parents used to take me to this teacher and it was classic. I used to call her “la bruja” which means “the witch.” She would slap my hands with the ruler and I would be terrified to go to my piano lesson. It’s exactly the opposite of the piano lessons you want to give your child. But I really loved music and when we moved to Miami and I continued with my piano lessons, I figured out that I could write these little pieces of music and distract my teacher from the fact that I hadn’t practiced. So I’d go to my lesson and my teacher would say, “Play your Mozart.” And I’d say, “Well, let me show you this thing I wrote.” And I’d be able to distract her and I wouldn’t have to play the Mozart and I thought, “That’s really good.” And then I just started writing music.”

Our program of Michael Gordon’s music features works that show his amazing range, from the slow devastating beauty of Light is Calling (accompanying the film by Reedie Bill Morrison) to the snappy angular rhythms of AC DC and Low Quartet. This half of the program finishes with Industry for solo cello, an amazing treatment of the venerable instrument. My colleagues in these ensembles are really bringing it all to the table. We are so blessed to have such great players in this town!

Check out this great performance by the brilliant Todd Reynolds of Light is Calling

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