Blown Opportunity

This week, we are going to try to blow it, big time…with three trios for horn, violin, and piano in music that spans three centuries and three continents. Our program highlights that evolution in reverse chronological order, starting with Vedanā, by Narong Prangcharoen, a work Third Angle commissioned in 2011 for the Thailand International Composition Festival (see below for snake farm story during that trip). Vedanā is defined as… the… Learn More » »

Afield… Listen

Listen….can you hear it? The sounds in your room, in your car, on neighborhood walks, these sounds create a constant soundscape that accompanies your life.

Composer and soundscape artist R. Murray Schafer explains it very well…

Listen by David New, National Film Board of Canada

Last summer, I had the pleasure of hiking in the Wallowa Mountains, a place I hadn’t visited since church youth group trips in high school. This time, I… Learn More » »

The Alchemist by John Zorn

DrJohnDeeDr. John Dee
Last year, I had the honor of meeting with John Zorn. While we’d had some contact over the years about other projects, this was my first chance to meet the legendary composer face to face. I’ve been a huge fan of his music for years, starting with college performances of Cobra, to more recent performances of Cat O’Nine Tails. I’ll never forget a performance of Cat we gave in a Daoist temple in Beijing…a truly awesome… Learn More » »

Viridian Reclaimed Wood for Timber

Most reclaimed-lumber companies find their material in old barns and schoolhouses. Portland’s Viridian Reclaimed Wood was born in 2004 down at the shipyard, where wood from far-off ports arrives daily as shipping pallets and crates. This amazing wood is extremely difficult to recycle, but with a couple of friends’ determination to prevent it winding up in a landfill—and years of trial and error—Viridian pioneered a method for up-cycling… Learn More » »

Guest Blogger Mark Powell: Cappella Romana collaboration featuring A Time for Life by Robert Kyr

Over here at Cappella Romana we are thrilled once again to collaborate with the musicians of Third Angle New Music. Cappella Romana and Third Angle have collaborated on a number of projects over the last decade and a half, with the first concert of Reich’s Music for 18 Musicians and Proverb as our first project together!

In 2009 Third Angle and Cappella Romana performed Robert Kyr’s environmental oratorio, A Time for Life, at the… Learn More » »

Guest Blogger Enrique Andrade: Reflections on Maria de Buenos Aires

Enrique Andrade

Maria de Buenos Aires is filled with the powerful sensuality of desperate beauty, like a flower blooming through a crack in the concrete of a hard and inauspicious city.  To pluck this flower is to kill her, and so the audience is left with the only choice available: be a witness of the redemption of tragedy.  The death of a young woman, Maria, who falls pray to the cruelty of the underworld and the resurrection of her spirit through… Learn More » »

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