Guest Blogger Enrique Andrade: Reflections on Maria de Buenos Aires

Enrique Andrade

Maria de Buenos Aires is filled with the powerful sensuality of desperate beauty, like a flower blooming through a crack in the concrete of a hard and inauspicious city.  To pluck this flower is to kill her, and so the audience is left with the only choice available: be a witness of the redemption of tragedy.  The death of a young woman, Maria, who falls pray to the cruelty of the underworld and the resurrection of her spirit through… Learn More » »

Guest Blogger Brian McWhorter: The Universe is Trying to Tell Me Something

Brian McWhorter

Disclaimer no. 1: me no blog, but I’ve been told that I can do better, so I’m hoping that blogging will suffice. 3rd Angle asked me to write about whatever comes to mind. “Anything goes, Brian,” they said, “be your awesome creative self.” Well….if I must…..

As all my students know and joke about, I’m always very busy. Admittedly, I’m one of those people that is chronically busy (if not masochistically so) but it’s also the nature of… Learn More » »

Marty in the Clouds

Ehrlich pic
Saxophonist extraordinaire Marty Ehrlich will take on the final movement of David Schiff’s new concerto (Road Maps) for improvising soloists. The movement is titled Clouds and Stars, and will be the concluding section of this concerto, dedicated to the memory of recently deceased pianist Larry Karush. David describes this movement as “...reflecting, I hope, both a sense of loss and gratitude. Larry had a glowing, positive spirit both… Learn More » »

Myra Melford climbs Mountains


David Schiff’s new concerto, “Road Maps, for improvising soloists”, is an exciting project for us to present, an example of how context is everything in music! The idea of a master jazz improviser getting on stage and winging it isn’t so strange…but call it a concerto, then you’re treading on classical music holy ground. In David’s piece, the soloist is as much a co-composer as interpreter, and the accompanying ensemble is as much big… Learn More » »

“I’m a Berkeley gringa, Latina, Peruvian, Chinese, Lithuanian Jew, deaf, short, composer!”

Gabriela Lena Frank
Gabriela Lena Frank is a brilliant composer….of that, there is no doubt. And that’s not just my opinion; the list of accolades grows by the day. From gorgeous melodies that evoke Peruvian highlands, to manic tangos from jungle border towns, Gabriela’s music is a vivid reflection of this intersection of identities, a whirlwind of folk and classical music that will energize and inspire.

And what great music it is! Her music is a sonic… Learn More » »

New Ideas In Music Competition 3.0

New Ideas In Music Competition 3.0

Are you ready to ruuuuuuumble?

We announce our third New Ideas in Music Competition for new musical works, again for string quartet, as was the case last year. And like last time, we encourage all entrants to think way, way outside the ‘boundaries’....bring us your idea for how a string quartet always sounded in your dreams (or nightmares!). Make your case….we’re looking for original thinkers, those who see this as an opportunity to… Learn More » »

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