Hearing Voices

Hearing Voices

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When: Fri May 1, 2015 @ 7:30 pm

Where: Alberta Rose Theater, 3000 NE Alberta St

What: In a landmark event, Third Angle teams up with The New Yorker’s Alex Ross, author of the bestselling 20th-century music history The Rest is Noise. Ross will read the story of the West Coast avant-garde, complemented by Third Angle’s performance of works by Harry Partch, Henry Cowell, Lou Harrison, and 2014 Pulitzer Prize winner John Luther Adams.


Quartet Euphometric, Henry Cowell

Bitter Music XX - Leaving Santa Barbara, Harry Partch

It’s Gonna Rain, Steve Reich

Bowl Bells from Varied Trio,
Lou Harrison

Imaginary Landscape No. 1, John Cage

The Wind in High Places, John Luther Adams

Ron Blessinger, violin
Greg Ewer, violin
Charles Noble, viola
Nancy Ives, cello
Susan DeWitt Smith, piano
Chris Whyte, percussion

Sponsor: Generously supported by The M.E.N.S.C.H. Fund of the Jewish Communal Fund